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01 September 2023, 120 kali dilihat Index

Writer: Tedi Kholiludin

Book Thick: xviii + 154

Publication Year: 2023

Publisher: Spiritia Foundation

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he Spiritia Foundation is a non-profit organization which focuses on stiffening people with HIV/AIDS

and people living with HIV/AIDS. This community domiciled in Jakarta, found in November 1995, was a peersharing for people with HIV, friends, and family to supporting each other. While the prevention and treatment pathways have yet to advance, the firm action to do for the one who  has known about their status (HIV-positive people/person or people with HIV/ person and people with AIDS) was to be caregiver for each other. At the same time, their activities were sharing information every week, seeing people with HIV who were being treated and so on.