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Spiritia Publications

Spiritia publishes the following booklets and other information materials in Indonesian. PDF versions of most may be downloaded from the Indonesian language pages. Copies are available on request:

avatar PDF Hidup dengan HIV/AIDS (Booklet: Living with HIV/AIDS)

avatar PDF Pasien Berdaya

avatar PDF Terapi Alternatif (Booklet: Alternative Therapy)

avatar PDF Pengobatan untuk AIDS; Ingin Mulai? (Booklet: AIDS Therapy: Want to Start?) now in its third edition

avatar PDF HIV & TB

avatar PDF Hepatitis Virus dan HIV (Photocopied booklet: Viral Hepatitis and HIV)

avatar PDF HIV, Kehamilan dan Kesehatan Perempuan (Photocopied booklet: HIV, Pregnancy and Women’s Health)

avatar PDF Dari Prinsip ke Praktik – Keterlibatan Lebih Besar Orang yang Hidup dengan HIV/AIDS (photocopied booklet: From Principle to Practice – Greater Involvement of People living with or Affected by HIV/AIDS – GIPA) – translation and adaptation of UNAIDS’ booklet From Principle to Practice

avatar PDF Merawat Odha di Rumah (photocopied booklet: Home Care of PLHAs)

avatar PDF Perawatan AIDS di Luar Rumah Sakit (photocopied booklet: AIDS Care outside the Hospital)

Mengangkat Beban Kerahasiaan: Pedoman Berbicara di Depan Umum untuk Odha (photocopied booklet: Manual on Public Speaking for PLHAs)

Mengangkat Beban Kerahasiaan: Modul Pelatihan untuk Pembicara HIV-Positif (photocopied booklet: Training module for above manual)

avatar PDF Pemberdayaan Positif (Book: Positive Development) – translated and adapted from the GNP+ book Positive Development

Kepatuhan? Huh? (Adherence? Whazzat?) – draft four page photocopied brochure

Ketika Temanku AIDS (If My Friend has AIDS) – printed card

avatar HTML Lembaran Informasi tentang HIV/AIDS untuk Orang yang Hidup dengan HIV/AIDS (Odha) (119 Fact Sheets on HIV/AIDS for PLHIV) – photocopies, most adapted from those published by The AIDS Infonet, regularly updated. These fact sheets are also available in eBook format for eReader for smartphones/communicators and PDAs.

Monthly newsletter Senandika – private medium of communication among Indonesian PLHIV

Monthly newsletter Sahabat Senandika – information on care, support and treatment for PLHIV

Last update: 20 Maret 2008